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We are a collective of amazing professionals, striving to deliver the best medical and otc products and pricing available in the islands. Our Pharmacy not only serves the people of St Maarten, but also thousands of visitors from around the world every year.
Every day – 7 days a week.

We offer quality brand name prescription medications and general health and wellness products at affordable prices.

Promoting health and wellness stands tall in our mission statement. as prevention is always better than treatment.

For our customer’s convenience, we’re located located within 5 minutes off Maho Beach aka the world famous Airport Beach.

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Maho Pharmacy carries a large inventory of prescription medicines and drugs that treat most health issues.

Dispensing Brand name medicines, as well as the more affordable generic medicines, approved both in Europe and North America, do require a valid, current doctor’s prescription.

If you have any question regarding your particular prescription drugs feel free to contact us through the contact form below or WhatsApp us at +1721 526 6602

• We speak your language •

Drugs that are effective and safe without a prescription, are defined as over the counter (OTC) drugs. There is also a restricted class of OTC drugs that are dispensed by a pharmacist pursuant to proper identification, age verification, and patient education. OTC medications can carry a risk so don’t hesitate to ask us any question regarding your purchase.

If you have any question regarding your particular symptoms, feel free to contact us through the contact form below or WhatsApp us at +1721 526 6602

• We speak your language •

We carry everything you need to spend a good time in our island and on its beaches: sunglasses, sun lotion to protect yourself and your kids from the sun. Vitamin, supplements, skincare products, diet products, baby care and much more for you to stay healthy and fit.

If you have any question regarding our healthcare products feel free to contact us by phoneor come see us. We’re located 5 minute walk from the world famous Airport Beach and the Sunset Beach Bar.

• We speak your language •

Maho pharmacy

Sonesta Maho Beach Resort - 4 Maho Plaza, St.Maarten

Annual Staff Appreciation Dinner

What Our Customers Say About Us

Good pharmacy. Great people working there, very willing to help, Just tell them what's wrong and they'll find something to help.
Ryan Riske
Feb 2020
Helped the misses out every time. Flawless service.
Feb 2020
Great service, great advice. Helpful and friendly. A joy to talk to. All the way from Nijmegen
Gary Wilkinson
Jan 2020
Helpful and well stocked.
Joe o'Rourke
Dec. 2019
Staff is very friendly and trilingual (Spanish, English, French). Came to buy some regular medicines and also to have an injection. Some of the staff members are qualified for intramuscular injections.
Rafael Stroobants
Dec. 2019
Excellent service and follow up. First class operation.
Nelson Thomas
Jan 2020
Always have what you need and always willing to help
Francis P. Maglio
Nov 2019
Never had any problems there.
Michael B
Nov 2019
Great staff!
Alyssa Dougherty
Jan 2020
(Translated by Google) Very good pharmacy, speaks English, Spanish, French. 👍 (Original) Très bonne pharmacie, parle anglais, espagnole, français.
Benito sxm
Dec. 2019
(Translation by Google) Due to an urgently needed medication we went to this pharmacy on 03.02.2020, where we were given friendly and competent help. Also noteworthy are the very long opening hours and the fact that the pharmacy is even open on Sundays! (Original) Aufgrund eines dringend benötigten Medikaments waren wir am 03.02.2020 in dieser Apotheke, wo uns freundlich und kompetent geholfen werden konnte. Bemerkenswert sind hierbei auch die sehr langen Öffnungszeiten und die Tatsache, dass die Apotheke sogar am Sonntag geöffnet hat !
Mathias Storz
March 2020
Best Apothecary on the rock. Fully stocked and great staff 😊
Julio A Bofill

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